Inspired by art & Bahrain's heritage and historical architecture, these are signature designs that blend the modern & traditional. Limited edition, NOOR - The Treasures of Bahrain


    • FULL SET -Gold Weight Approx: 44.14 / Certified pearls / 21 carat 
    • NECKLACE- 20.57gm
    • EARRINGS- 9.77gm
    • BRACELET- 8.36gm
    • RING- 5.44gm

      Individual jewellery items of this set can be purchased separately.  Look for it under the filter, Type'

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About this Item

  • Our items may vary slightly in gold weight as each piece is handcrafted.
  • Gold prices are subject to market conditions; the item price may vary.
  • 10% VAT will apply to the price for the residents in Bahrain.
  • VAT, duties & taxes may apply based on your country of residence.
  • Free shipping in Bahrain within two working days.
  • Manufactured in Bahrain.

About this Item

    • Original designs were created by Ella Prakash and manufactured under supervision by some of the best-skilled craftsmen.
    • Our new collections have never been used outside the company. Our products may only display at our retail store, online, or in exhibitions.
    • All products have our brand seal showing the country of origin and gold standard.
    • We use certified pearls and semi-precious stones. The use of any artificial stones is mentioned in the product details.

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I have bought fashion art accessories love art jewellery and art accessories .

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