Our Story

" They say a person is known by their legacy, and this is exactly what Ella Prakash has set out to do with her latest venture, Ella Jewellery where art meets jewellery "

Mr. Devji Ramji Sagar, Ella's father started his jewellery business in the late 1950s in The kingdom of Bahrain. The atelier being at home became a source of learning and observation for Ella, this was her first encounter with creation and art and has played a pivotal role in shaping her as an artist.

Proud of her roots, Ella decided it's time to build on that legacy and pay homage to the man who showed her the beauty of art and building with our own hands. Her husband, Prakash Amratlal is a jeweller and the wish to create a beautiful amalgamation of both their worlds has led to the birth of Ella Jewellery, which is a timeless model of inspiration, innovation and authentic craftsmanship.

'Ella Jewellery' designs reflect the most fashion-forward, and ready to wear trends. Her jewellery includes. pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets, that are truly unique and different in style, not losing sight of wanting to incorporate art into everything she has created this jewellery line and has a piece of herself in every creation. She has added a very unique spin through art and has created a jewellery style that is completely new and fresh.

It's a timeless model of inspiration, innovation and consummate craftsmanship. A romantic union of old school and modern design is the cornerstone of this collection, handcrafted in pure 21k & 22k gold with intricate meenakari work and a beautiful adoration of precious stones coming together to bring alive the art pieces that have inspired these creations of jewellery.

Each contemporary design, from this collection, has gone through a unique conceptual and design journey. From finding its origins in one of her artworks to finding the right colours and techniques to bring this collection to life in a most unique and luxurious form. Each piece is a timeless recollection of art and soul and carries with it a deep value of love, legacy, art and more.


The Designer

Entrepreneur Ella Prakash is an established business woman in the art & business industry. With Ella art gallery Founded in 2004, the creative force behind Ella Impressions the fashion couture brand has yet again proven that art is not just for the canvas. The launch of her latest venture “Ella Jewellery” is another testament of what she can create with her art.

A mission to create something different but wearable by everyone, led to the building of intricate and couture pieces of jewellery stemming from art and using techniques rooted in decades of jewellery construction.

As an artist and business entrepreneur the process for her has been two-fold. Creating her line and also learning how to run the entire operation and give art more space. She has been challenged in the various aspects of her life, but her love for art has motivated her to work harder every day and not give up.

Her resilience reflects in her work and this new feather in her cap is not the end. She has bigger plans and her journey will continue to be able to create as long as she can.